The Carolino Aqueduct, the largest work of hydraulic engineering

Sep 12, 2022 392

BY: Noemi Curti

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and defined as one of the most beautiful works of hydraulic engineering in the world, the Carolino Aqueduct was the work that, together with the Royal Palace of Caserta, sanctioned the great success of the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. He, with his ambitious project for the aqueduct, denied all the experts who had spoken against the plan, claiming it was impossible to transport the water for the very long stretch that started from the source of Fizzo and reached Caserta.

As for the design and construction of the Aqueduct Carolino, Luigi Vanvitelli had full autonomy, thanks to the trust that the King Charles of Bourbon placed in his abilities. There was a need to build a new royal palace and to provide running water, but not only: the King wanted to amaze everyone with an exceptional construction, demonstrating the great return of Naples among the most important European cities.

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