In Caltanissetta, Sicily, the record-breaking cannolo: it is 21 meters long and has entered the Guinness World Records

Sep 13, 2022 2664

The largest cannoli in the world is the one made in Caltanissetta: the ascertained and certified length is 21.43 meters, which destroys the previous record recorded in the "Guinness World Records" of 5.75 meters. The spectacular "feat" was achieved yesterday afternoon in Corso Umberto where, anticipating the creation of a record cannoli, a 30-meter-long table had been set up. 

Author of this record was master pastry chef Lillo Defraia from Nissia who was collaborated by a group of colleagues who arrived from all parts of Sicily. Also contributing were numerous local pastry chefs, for a grand total of 150 people. 

More than 600 kilograms of ricotta cheese, 35 kilograms of sugar, and then cinnamon, chocolate chips and pistachio grains were used to make yesterday's cannolo-record (so long as to make it unassailable over time). The wafers (18 centimeters in diameter), packed Saturday in a Belpasso furnace with about 200 liters of oil and carefully transferred to Caltanissetta, had been packed using 10 specially made stainless steel tubes.

Defraia is no stranger to such ventures. In 2002, he led a troop of colleagues in making the "rollò" (another typical dessert from Caltanissetta) that was listed as the longest in the world: 303 meters.

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