Borgo Valsugana: discovering the hidden gem of Trentino

Nov 23, 2022 249

Borgo Valsugana is a small town in Bassa Valsugana, an area located in Trentino Alto Adige. With its marvelous view of the Brenta River and its strategic proximity to many places of interest, such as Caldonazzo or Levico Terme, this Trentino resort is really worth a visit: let's discover its uniqueness together. To begin with, the beauty of its river landscapes is truly priceless, plus the area has typically Venetian features, which increase its charm.

The municipality, dominated from above by Castel Telvana, still has a medieval layout, with the addition of Renaissance and Baroque elements. Another great attraction for those choosing to visit these places are the naturalistic riches of Borgo Valsugana, perfect especially for lovers of hiking in nature.

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