Between Modena and Bologna, a sports car Mecca thrives on tenacity, technology and creativity

Jul 24, 2015 1109

by Natascia Ronchetti

In San Matteo, a few kilometers from the center of Modena, an unmarked warehouse stands next to the Maserati Corse plant. The anonymous no-frills site is the heart of "Giorgio", the new project of Alfa Romeo, the operating base where a group of engineers designed the new Giulia by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a model celebrating an all-regional history.

It's the history of the motor valley, the route along Via Emilia that goes from Modena to Bologna: 259 companies located between the two provinces, with a total turnover of nearly €6 billion, €4.6 billion of which coming from growing exports.

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Fonte: Italy24

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