The Bells of Agnone: Marinelli’s family handcrafting papal bells since 1339

Jul 20, 2018 640


There is a special sound that speaks of Italy, the same for thousands of years, a sound that becomes one with the country’s landscape, dotted with churches and belfries. Wherever you are, on the mountains or by the sea, the tolling of bells marks the passing of time, and walks hand in hand with people’s daily life. It’s a heavenly ding-dong that frees vibrations in the air, a sound born from two minutes and half of fire and melting during which, when shaping the metal, everything is at stake, in a ritual whose origin is lost into the dawn of time.

Located just a few hours’ drive south-east of Rome, the ancient community of Agnone sits perched atop a rocky ledge, appearing almost suspended above lush forests and the Sangro river below. Once an stronghold of the early Samnite tribes, Agnone’s strength now lies in the fine Italian bronze that is skillfully crafted into magnificent bells.

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