The Barberini Corsini National Galleries Of Ancient Art

Sep 08, 2021 215

Ever wondered what a walk through the history of art would feel like? The Palazzo Barberini and the Galleria Corsini, one museum split into two galleries, comes pretty close. It is to be experienced as a passeggiata of incredible depth and richness, that will make you travel from the 13th to the 18th century, taking you from Gothic, sacred art to genre paintings, letting you explore the Renaissance masters’ reciprocal influences, or simply allow you to marvel at some of Raphael’s and Caravaggio’s greatest works.

A stroll that Flaminia Gennari Santori, President of the Museum, describes as “a common thread that unravels between the Barberini and Corsini collections and outlines the reason to be of this museum, a fascinating story on how art has been looked at, collected, disseminated and reinvented by the times of Urban VIII (first half of the seventeenth century) to those of Neri Corsini (second half of the eighteenth century) up to the present day.”

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