Avati starts shooting 'Dante' after 18 years

Jul 02, 2021 263

Award-winning director Pupi Avati is set to start shooting a biopic on Dante on the 700th anniversary of the 'Supreme Poet's death, a project he has been nurturing for 18 years. "I had it all clear in my mind in 2003, but never gt anyone to say yes. Then, 18 years later, I finally got the go ahead," Avati said Monday.

The film is based on fellow great poet Boccaccio's account of his more illustrious predecessor, and sees Giulio Pizzirani as old Dante dying in Ravenna and then Boccacio, played by Sergio Castellitto, retracing the poet's steps back to his native Florence, meeting all the figures who helped him or hindered him in his exile.

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SOURCE: https://www.ansa.it/

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