Artemisia Gentileschi: The Woman who Defined the Italian Baroque Era

Mar 24, 2022 289

BY: Lili Ford

Artemisia Gentileschi seemed to be driven by an unseen, all consuming fire. As a female artist in 17th century Italy, Artemisia never allowed her gender to keep her away from her rightful place among the renowned, but instead allowed it to guide and fuel her life's greatest works. The tragedies and horrors she faced as a young woman ignited something within her, or at least threw more kindling on the fire. Somehow she created the most passionate and powerful artworks to come out of the baroque era with the wreckage.

The eldest born and only daughter of famed painter Orazio Gentileschi, Artemisia showed early on that she was a step ahead and more passionate than her brothers when it came to painting. She grew up learning how to mix colors, sketch, and create pieces of her own. Finally, one day her father took notice of how skilled his daughter truly was.

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