The Amalfi Coast and Its Exquisite Lemons

Aug 02, 2022 229

BY: Sara Tieni

Lemon farming on the Amalfi Coast has always been linked to the Aceto family, who have been operating for five generations. "Salvatore Quasimodo, do you know what he said? That we Amalfitans don't notice when we go to Paradise because we've already spent a lifetime there." Luigino Aceto (known as Gigino) is 84 years old, and he laughs as he freely quotes the Sicilian poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959. 

Along with his two sons, Gigino Aceto is the owner of Azienda Agricola Salvatore Aceto, the renowned farm founded in 1825 by Gigino's ancestor. Nowadays, they are specialized in the organic cultivation of a particular type of lemon, the Sfusato Amalfitano, unique in the world for the quality and organoleptic characteristics – also known as L'Oro di Amalfi.

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