Is Alta Badia the greatest destination in the world for cycling?

Jun 01, 2017 1033

BY: Chris Leadbeater

I'm a bit early. Not, admittedly, in terms of the morning – there is still time for a cappuccino on the terrace of Hotel Melodia del Bosco. Below, the Alta Badia valley flirts with the sunlight; above, the hard ridge of Mount Santa Croce forces itself on the skyline.

But I am definitely ahead of schedule in terms of cycling. Klaus Irsara checks the handle of the door to the ski room as we walk by. It is locked, but the symbolism of the gesture is not lost on either of us. “We won’t be using that for a few months,” he says, grinning – and leads me to the cycle garage at the rear of the property, with its space for 60 bikes, and its various spanners and maintenance tools. “Now,” he smiles, “it’s time for summer.”

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