All You Need to Know About Orange Wine, The Perfect Summer Tipple

Jul 24, 2019 201

BY: Jamie Mackay

Let’s face it, the summer heat can sometimes get rough in Italy. From June to September, midday to 5pm, all but the most intrepid Italophiles will be forced inside to the comfort of a shady, and ideally air conditioned, room. Early evenings though can be some of the most enjoyable times to spend in il bel paese. This is the perfect season, after all, for al fresco dining, for sunset picnics and barbeques on the beach, long family dinners and parties with friends. 

But what to drink on such an occasion? Today, young Italians often turn to beer or a simple spritz. Fruit juices – with seasonal producer like lemons, watermelon and plums – are also popular as a healthy hydrating alternative. This being Italy, though, wine is never too far away. Lambrusco is the go-to option in the north: dry, fizzy and a good accompaniment to grilled meats. 

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