Alex Chinneck 'unzips' a building's traditional façade for Milan Design Week

Apr 11, 2019 335

British sculptor alex chinneck, known for inverting electricity pylons and tying grandfather clocks in knots, has ‘unzipped’ the façade of a building in milan as part of the city’s design week festivities. to create the dramatic effect, chinneck created a totally new elevation in the style of traditional milanese architecture, which appears to open up to reveal the building’s interior. the interior spaces, on the other hand, are radically transformed through unexpected ‘openings’ in the cement pavement and stone walls.

Serving as the project’s distinctive feature, the zip is used as a device through which the artist gives way to a series of surreal crevices from which an ethereal and weightless light disseminates. ‘through the repeated use of the zipper, we have opened up the fabric of a seemingly historic milanese building to playfully re-imagine what lies behind its façade, floors and walls,’ explains alex chinneck.

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