9 best things to do in Ravello

Feb 18, 2023 312

BY: Dana Berez

If you ever wondered if a visit to Ravello Italy should be on your Amalfi Coast bucket list, the short answer: Ravello definitely should be! I explored the stunning beauty of Ravello Italy, nestled high in the mountains, and it was filled with charm, incredible views, and a quiet escape from the hustle of other towns on the Amalfi Coast.  Plus, Ravello Italy makes a great day trip destination from other towns along the Amalfi Coast. 

What makes Ravello so interesting, is the location. Ravello Italy is one of the Amalfi Coast towns that is NOT located on the sea. Instead, it’s nestled high in the mountains,  above other towns near Amalfi and Atrani. Because of the location, it’s more of an effort to get to Ravello. However, once you are there the views and charming streets make up for it.  Plus, this small town isn’t as busy as others. 

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