7 Essential Foods of Emilia-Romagna

Jul 16, 2021 751

BY: Anna Pioli

As Stanley Tucci showed the world, the foods of Emilia-Romagna are some of Italy's most exquisite. The production area myriad exported goods, the region plays host to a treasure trove of palate pleasers. Here are seven essential foods of Emilia Romagna to keep an eye out for on your next trip – or to seek out at home. 

1. Mortadella Bologna -Among the most popular cured meats in Italy, the PGI-protected Mortadella Bologna has an enveloping and spicy flavor. It's a sausage cooked with lean pork cuts, mostly shoulder, throat, and fat, then flavored with salt, pepper, spices, and sometimes pistachios.

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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