5 female icons of Italian cinema

Oct 30, 2018 1824


Cinema is, par excellence, a machine that creates “icons”. In particular female icons. Great actors and actresses, from all over the world since the birth of the “sixth muse”, have contributed to writing the history of the Big Screen, often affecting the collective imagination more than others and gaining a special place in the Olympus of cinema. Women, in particular – from “femme fatales” to “heavenly creatures” have earned the title of true cinematographic icons.

Naturally, it was during the 1950s that the relationship between female beauty and cinema became closer, and acting skills became associated with beauty. An element that, with the passing of years, has maintained its meaning, however it has also updated itself on the basis of time and cultural trends. In this case, we are trying to identify 5 female icons of Italian cinema. That is 5 great actresses who, with their careers and their being both women and actresses, can be considered undisputed icons.

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SOURCE: https://www.italian-traditions.com

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