A 2023 Guide to Carnivals in Italy

Feb 11, 2023 337

BY: John Bensalhia

Filled with color, grandeur and a playful sense of derision toward class divisions, Italian carnivals are uniquely celebratory. Most regions have more than a few to choose from, so this list isn't comprehensive, but here’s what to expect at some of this year’s showstoppers: Venice, Acireale, Viareggio, Cento, Fano and Crema.

One of the oldest among these picks, the Venice Carnival dates back to at least 1094, the year the seasonal festivities were mentioned in a document of the Doge of Venice. The carnival was never regarded as an event for the elite: With sumptuary laws temporarily suspended for the period, people of all classes and backgrounds abandoned their socially dictated modes of dress and conduct, coming together to celebrate in the streets.

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com

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