10 unmissable places to see the stars at San Lorenzo in Italy

Aug 01, 2021 1198

The night of San Lorenzo in Italy is approaching, for that day that falls on August 10 you can see from the earth the astronomical phenomenon of the Perseids. They are a meteor shower that the Earth goes through every year during the summer period . The meteor shower usually arrives at the end of July and lasts until mid-August with peaks of visibility between the 10th and 12th of the month.

In those days you can observe almost a hundred light trails on average every hour, really a lot! To observe them at their best it would be better to opt for places away from city lights, or if this is not possible even urban parks not too illuminated and predisposed to night observations. These are a series of places in Italy where, far from the lights and noise of the city, we have observed shooting stars exciting together with you.

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SOURCE: https://www.visititaly.eu

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