Where to Find Dreamy Burrata Around Portland

Aug 19, 2022 644

BY: Brooke Jackson-Glidden

There was a time where burrata was having its moment — the golden age of @burratagram, where every pasta, pizza, and sandwich came topped with a jiggling ball of cheese. Burrata, a fresh cheese filled with cream and mozzarella, is something like the lava cake of cheeses: When a ball of burrata is split with a knife, a delicious, decadent filling spills out, serving as a sort of sauce to complement whatever fruit, carb, or meat appears alongside it.

In Portland, burrata appears on Italian restaurant and wine bar menus year-round, though summer is often one of the best times to eat it: With fresh, in-season peaches and tomatoes on offer, restaurants across the city are serving high summer salads with a ball of burrata as the centerpiece.

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SOURCE: https://pdx.eater.com

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