That's Amore! Experiencing Italian Village with Mom

May 10, 2018 700

BY: Alex Springer

Since Mother's Day is this week, I decided to invite my mom to visit Italian Village (5370 S. 900 East, 801-266-4182) with me for this article. I thought we'd order up some pasta, critique the place together and have a few laughs—which we did, of course. However, when I booked this pre-Mother's Day get together, I was unaware that this very same Italian Village was a spot frequented by my parents when they were first married. "We would have a few Cokes, eat pizza, and it was divine," she says.

Discussing the restaurant's role in my parents' early years led to the familial revelation that pizza at the Italian Village was the last thing my mom ate before going into labor with all three of my older brothers. "Not you, though," she says, "You are my Astro Burger baby."

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