Pizza amore: Market Street Pizza owners’ relationship and business are rooted in the Italian favorite

Aug 24, 2021 245

BY: Jordan Tolley-Turner

Market Street Pizza overlooks downtown and the Spokane Valley with elaborate, spray-paint-decorated walls covering the back, including the Teenage Mutant Turtles and the beloved cartoon’s trademark food: pizza. Inside, the bustling dinner rush has staff moving, and children are at their happiest in the arcade to the left.

Classic brick walls, pinball machines, string lighting and a Seattle Seahawks neon sign greet customers, with a fortune-telling machine facing the pool tables next to the bar. Patrons are likely to see Aaron Fiorini, one of the restaurant’s owners and self-titled dough slinger, in the kitchen alongside the crew. Fiorini isn’t afraid to run a tight ship, with each worker playing a key role in the finely tuned system.

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