Handmade Pasta Pop-Up Pastificio d’Oro Will Open Its Own St. Johns Restaurant

Sep 23, 2022 315

BY: Janey Wong

Using a mattarello, a three-foot long Italian rolling pin, and his hands, Chase Dopson makes pasta magic. Within a St. Johns kitchen, the chef takes freshly kneaded balls of dough and rolls them into sheets, cutting noodles by hand or using traditional tools to stamp out filled pastas like anolini.

Pastificio d’Oro, the pop up he co-owns, has served bowls of tortelloni, maltagliati con fagioli, and gramigne alla salsiccia on a weekly basis within Gracie’s Apizza for a year, but soon, the pop-up will graduate to full-blown pasta shop status. On November 1, it will take over the current Gracie’s Apizza space, opening an Italian restaurant specializing in Piedmontese cuisine.

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SOURCE: https://pdx.eater.com

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