Amalfi’s Has a New, Riveting Mascot

Jul 10, 2020 379

BY: Lauren Carlos

“I’ve got my game face on trying to run this restaurant,” says Kiauna Floyd, owner of Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant on NE Fremont. A business-threatening pandemic coupled with mass protests has Floyd, a Black business owner, mentally and physically exhausted. But for the former collegiate athlete, wife, and mother of two, defeat is not an option.

Floyd took over the family-owned Italian trattoria, which has served Portland for more than six decades, in 2006. As she tries to keep Amalfi’s afloat, Floyd has also been grappling with how to protect and empower her two children at home: “My husband and I have started to talk with them about what’s going on and what they might have to deal with purely because of the color of their skin.”

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