Local Family Runs Authentic Italian Bakery In South Tulsa

Mar 08, 2024 744

An authentic Italian bakery in Tulsa is getting ready to celebrate its two-year anniversary. Samantha Short opened Nana Rose's Italian Bakery and Market in March of 2022. The bakery is named after Samantha's own Nana Rose. It's a family-run business. Samantha and her husband work at the bakery side-by-side. Their son, Patrick, even runs the cash register every Saturday. 

They sell pasta, soups, cannolis, cakes, cookies, fresh bread and much more. The bakery opened in March of 2022. Since then, there have been lines out the front door and days when they've had to close early because they sold out. Nana visits the bakery often and sits quietly in the front area, greeting guests.

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SOURCE: https://www.newson6.com

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