Have You Ever Tried Italian Ice? Now You Can in Lubbock

Jul 03, 2022 383

It is full-time hot here in Lubbock and this new cool food truck is icing things over. We all know about shaved ice but have you ever tried Italian Ice? Apparently, it is very different and good. Now you can try it here in Lubbock with the new food truck called Matteos's Italian Ice. They opened up back on Saturday, June 25th, 2022 and people are going crazy for it.

The owner, Andrew Espinoza, says a few years ago he went to New York City for vacation and he stumbled across a place called Water Ice. Water Ice serves up Italian Ice and he said: "it was amazing and nothing like I have tasted before it was like ice cream, shaved ice and sherbert had a baby." Italian ice is known to be really fruitful and have a creamy texture. So Andrew did some research and wanted to bring it here to Texas.

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SOURCE: https://kfyo.com

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