Taglio Cucina & Pizzeria Romana brings Roman street-food to Port Charlotte

Jun 05, 2019 487

It’s the last thing you’d expect to find tucked between two Peachland Promenade fast-food franchises. After taking her first-ever bite of authentic Roman pizza, Port Charlotte’s Alicia Wilson cried, “Oh my God! Fantastic!” Even before an official opening date, word was out that you could get pizza samples there like you’d never experienced before.

Step through the door of Taglio (pronounced TAH-lee-oh) Cucina & Pizzeria Romana, and you’ll be hit with an intoxicating waft of toasty aroma, as if you were teleported to a Roman street pizzeria. This is a 59-seat, 1,800-square-foot slice of Roman pizza heaven — the first such restaurant to open between Sarasota and Naples.

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SOURCE: https://www.yoursun.com

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