Small Business Spotlight: Niko's Italian Cuisine

Sep 07, 2021 523

A hidden gem of a restaurant sits on Owensboro’s busiest road, Niko’s Italian Cuisine, started by a husband and a wife who moved to Owensboro almost 20 years ago and started this business from the ground up. “From the time we’re here, we were here, in the restaurant, days and nights," said Lola Nousiadis, co-owner of Niko's. "It was tough. It was very tough. The restaurant business is a very tough Business anyway.”

But through years of hard work and craftsmanship in the kitchen, Niko’s created a name for themselves, and the co-owners at Niko's say what separates them from the rest of the restaurants in the city is what goes on back in the kitchen. “It’s like we’re cooking at home," said Lola Nousiadis. "If we don’t like the dish, we’re not going to give it out, because we don’t like it. If I cannot eat it at home, I’m not going to serve it here.”

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