'Made with love': This Highlands spot serves authentic Italian with a touch of soul

Feb 09, 2023 630

BY: Lennie Omalza

One of my favorite questions to ask business owners is how they came up with the name of their company. Sometimes, the reason is clear. Other times, it seems completely random. With The Black Italian, it might seem obvious — but when I caught up with owners Anthony and Paula Hunter, they told me the name of their restaurant in the Highlands isn't about what many people think.

Back when they were just getting their business off the ground and still throwing name ideas around, Paula got pregnant."We went for an ultrasound," she told The Courier Journal, "and they said (it was) a little girl. And he said, 'She’s gonna be a little Black Italian — (our) two ethnicities brought together!'"

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SOURCE: https://eu.courier-journal.com

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