Get a taste of Italy at Brickell’s newest food hall

Jul 10, 2018 305

A summer trip to Italy sounds amazing, but you know what’s even better? Saving a bunch of money by going to the 305’s version of Italy instead. There’s an Italian-themed pop-up that has fun for the whole family. We’ve discovered a portal to Italy in Brickell’s new Italian-inspired food hall, La Centrale.

Just follow the trail and you’ll find yourself in Sicily. Myca Ferrer, director of marketing: “All summer long, we’re celebrating the very best of Italy with our Summer in Sicily carnival pop-up.” That includes a cannoli bar. It’s so beautiful. Myca Ferrer: “You can design your very own cannoli, choosing from one of three different types of shells, one of three different types of fillings and two of 15 different types of toppings.”

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