Traditional Italian cheese dishes undergo a makeover at IDENTITÀ New York

Oct 17, 2013 475

This past weekend, New Yorkers had a chance to learn a few innovative culinary techniques from some of Italy and New York's most renowned chefs at the 4th annual IDENTITÀ New York congress held at Eataly.

Founded under the auspices of IDENTITÀ Golose—a organization focused on highlighting culinary excellence and honoring Italian chefs who fuse together traditional and modern techniques—IDENTITÀ New York showcased Italian and New York-based chefs and their creative approach to traditional Italian dishes. "We want to demonstrate that in addition to the traditional Italian dishes, we are able to evolve and move forward combining other cultures in an interesting dialogue that is shaped around six ingredients [found] in all gastronomic landscapes. The difference lays in the way we experience them and cook them," said IDENTITÀ Golose founder Paolo Marchi.

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