Solevo Kitchen & Social: Making Family's Dream a Reality in Spa City

Oct 16, 2018 555

On Sept. 21 Solevo Kitchen and Social celebrated their official opening at the new authentic, old- school Italian restaurant located at 55 Phila St.The Solevo Kitchen and Social space is part of the Caffe Lena renovation and newly constructed Spencer Condominiums built by Bonacio Construction. The restaurant features an open kitchen, 14-seat bar and dining room equipped to seat roughly 50 guests.

Brother and sister Ronald and Giovannina Solevo, Ronnie and Gi for short, are fourth generation Italian-American restaurateurs. Originally from Connecticut, the two have operated restaurants in New Haven, Conn. and New York City. Both Ronnie and Gi were raised in the restaurant kitchens of their parents and grandparents. Ronnie Solevo, chef, said this past summer was his thirty-third summer in Saratoga.

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