Scialatielli: Where to Taste this Special Southern Italian Pasta in NYC

Sep 24, 2020 186

BY: Stephanie Rizzolo

When considering the history of pasta, scialatielli could easily be coined as a “new kid on the block,” a shape that was created by a chef in Amalfi in the late 1960s. Derived from the Neapolitan word sciglià meaning, “to ruffle,” these thick, rectangular, unevenly cut strands are essentially tagliatelle’s shorter cugini with a twist.

True southern Italian stelle, scialatielli are often paired with the locally abundant seafood of Campania and savory eggplant of Sicily. What really sets this pasta shape apart from the rest is the inclusion of herbs and grated cheese, which are pressed and folded into the dough for a complex flavor and slightly creamy texture. 

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