Restaurant review: Solevo Kitchen + Social Club in Saratoga

Dec 26, 2018 495

BY: Susie Davidson Powell

You don't have to look far for Italian in Saratoga Springs, so you have to hand it to the two sommelier-restaurateurs who sold their family Italian restaurant in New Haven, Conn., and opened Solevo Kitchen + Social on Phila Street within the year. After starting careers in wine distribution, one went into fashion and one cooked in Italy before buying and running their parents' restaurant for four years.

At 29 and 32 years old, the siblings only just straddle 30, but as fourth-generation restaurant owners, Giovannina Solevo and her chef-brother, Ronald, have red sauce in their blood. Of late, the national food media has been agog over Misi, the follow-up to Lilia and their Brooklyn chef-owner Missy Robbins for making carb-loading pasta sexy again.

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