Open For Almost A Century, Dining At Casa Basso In New York Is Always A Timeless Experience

Feb 26, 2023 225

BY: Christy Articola

There aren’t many restaurants that last for an entire century, but Casa Basso in Westthampton on Long Island in New York is almost there. It will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2028. This classic Italian restaurant has been serving Long Islanders and visitors since Calvin Coolidge was president! Today, it offers excellent cuisine in a unique setting. This place is so classic and timeless that you’ll feel like you traveled back in time and that you could be dining in any era. 

The property upon which Casa Basso sits was owned in the late 1800s by American sculptor, woodcarver, architect, painted, and potter Theophilus Brouwer. He'd traveled in Spain and Italy in his younger days and loved the castles there; he built one similar to one he'd seen near Seville to house his pottery studio.

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