Missy Robbins Embraces Simplicity, at Misi

Sep 03, 2018 264

BY: Florence Fabricant

Missy Robbins, the chef and owner of Lilia in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now has a challenge: distinguishing Misi, her new restaurant, from its older sibling about a mile away. From nearly the moment it opened in 2016, Lilia was a hit with diners and critics, who extolled the Italian menu and her touch with pastas. “I expected Lilia to be a neighborhood restaurant where people would just come in for a plate of pasta, but people are really dining there, and they come from all over,” Ms. Robbins said. “Misi is meant to be a little simpler.”

The space will not have a wood-burning oven, but it will still have some eye-catching features. Among them are a gleaming stretch of open kitchen along one side and an airy, glassed-in room for making pasta on the other, where three to five artisans will be on view, mixing, rolling, extruding, twisting and filling. The two butcher-block work tables, where the pasta will be made during the day, will be available for private dining at night.

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SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com

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