Le Sirene Brings Tastes Of Southwestern Italy To Westchester

Aug 29, 2015 489

by Leslie-Anne Brill

Larchmont, a man swept into the bar after driving up from Manhattan. "He's our Cheers customer," said the bartender, Olga (who splits shifts between Larchmont and Manhattan). He lives next to Caravaggio, one of the three Upper East Side restaurants (in addition to Sistina and San Pietro) where owners Gerardo and Cosimo Bruno made their names.

He wasn't the only regular lured by the siren song of what used to be Palmer's Crossing, now a pearlescent retreat of marble and tile, with staff dressed to the nines and roses and chocolates by the door. One couple near me had frequented it since it was Baja Grill (and whatever it was before that), always sitting at the bar. "When my wife and I were dating, she lived around the corner," he said. "It wasn't about the food so much."

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