This kid knows where to find the best Italian food in NYC

Jul 11, 2018 638

BY: Marisa Dellatto

He has more than 10,000 Instagram followers, hangs out with chefs, photographers and podcasters and gets his tab picked up by local restaurateurs. And he’s 11 years old. The kid in question is Luca Marconi, a fifth grader who, under his Instagram handle @LucaTwoTimes, is also a big-talking food reviewer. For the last year, the cuddly Williamsburg, Brooklyn, boy has been a tireless chronicler of all things edible.

“This burrata bounces the flavor out, makes it much better,” he declares in one video. Later, he says, “This chicken tenderloin is fire!” Whether he’s reviewing grilled squid or ice cream, Luca’s enthusiasm is all encompassing. “He eats everything,” says his 47-year-old mom, Lucia Marconi. 

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