Inside Pietro Nolita, the All-Pink Restaurant From Two Fashion World Veterans

Sep 30, 2016 873

by Serena Dai

Chances are, you've already spotted new casual Italian restaurant Pietro Nolita on social media even though it's not fully open yet. It is striking because it is all pink. Everything — the chairs, the tables, the walls, the sign, and the pots for all the plants — is a different shade. You will be able to spot it on Elizabeth Street easily by its facade, which is also pink with white sunbursts.

"It's a relaxing color," says co-owner Mina Soliman, who used to manage Indochine. "We didn't want to go with a traditional rustic feel of an Italian restaurant." The other co-owner Pietro Quaglia, who's also an investor in Miss Lily's, notes that it's a derivative of red, which he considers a strong and powerful color. "It means love, it means happiness, it means so many things," he says. 

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