Iconic Italian eatery Ortobello fights to rebuild after fire as Brooklyn residents rally to save community fixture

Apr 23, 2024 1202

BY: Jack Morphet and Social Links forSteve Janoski

Andrea Cerasuoli hasn’t quite been himself since an early April fire torched Ortobello, the beloved Italian joint in Bensonhurst that his father started back in 1974. “I’ve been kind of — I don’t want to say depressed,” Cerasuoli, 48, told The Post on Monday. “But I’ve been feeling down because of the whole fire situation.

“I’m not really over the shock of it all,” the Brooklyn restaurateur continued. “It’s all I think about. I think about the future, wanting to reopen and get back to normal. I didn’t shave for a couple weeks. Yesterday, I shaved for the first time.” 

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SOURCE: https://nypost.com

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