Dining With Gerardo Bruno, Co-Owner Of San Pietro In NYC’s Midtown Manhattan; Declared “Most Authentic Italian Restaurant Outside Of Italy”

Mar 16, 2020 210

BY: Cognac Wellerlane

This past weekend I interviewed owner, co-founder and President Gerardo Bruno of San Pietro Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan, off of one the most glamorous streets in Manhattan, East 54th Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenue.

The award winning San Pietro Restaurant has been proclaimed by Italian government, media, and culinary organizations as “The best and most authentic Italian restaurant [outside of Italy].” It has also been said to have “the best Italian wine list.” While Bruno was careful what and who to mention, he did note that Gianni Versace dined there in the late 90s.

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SOURCE: https://www.publishedreporter.com

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