The Amazing Success Of Nino Turiello’s Pizza

Sep 29, 2022 259

BY: Mike Hays

Turiello’s Italian Restaurant is a home away from home for many of us. Located in the heart of downtown Nyack since 1980 under the ownership of Girolamo (Nino) Turiello’s has served many millions of hot slices and pies. When asked where he lives, Turiello says “in the store”, although his real home is in Brooklyn.

Immigrant to Owner
Turiello came to America in 1972 from Bari, Puglia in Italy. In Bari they made focaccia (grandma pizza) instead of Neapolitan-style pizza. Two days after arriving in America he went to enroll in school with his passport and green card. The Brooklyn principal asked if he had a utility bill. 

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