Review: Nautika offers seafood Italian-style in a summer setting at Greenwich Cove

Jul 16, 2017 729

BY: Gail Ciampa

I had almost forgotten what a wonderful meal Mario Micheletti prepares and how warm and inviting Cheryl Micheletti is as a restaurant host. It had been a long time since I’d eaten the perfectly prepared Italian food and Rhode Island specialties served at Nautika, the Micheletti’s seasonal restaurant on Greenwich Cove. As I drove from Providence to East Greenwich, the day’s oppressive heat gave way to a torrential downpour. The rains ceased as I pulled into the valet parking and that renewed my hopes of an alfresco dinner.

It took a moment for Cheryl to greet us at the hostess station and she arrived with wet clothes and hair but a smile on her face. She said it would be just a few minutes, inviting us to the nearby bar should we wish. She and her similarly soaked serving crew then proceeded to roll up each window in the canopy that protects the waterside desk from inclement weather. Diners continued to enjoy their meals.

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