A new restaurant, big personality and lots of stars are in Tony Capasso’s orbit

May 06, 2019 374

BY: Rosemarie T. Anner

There’s no corralling Tony Capasso, the effusive managing partner of Tony’s, his restaurant at the J House in the Riverside section of Greenwich. For years, he’s been known as the Trivia Guy, a man of a thousand questions. He first came on the scene in Riverside at Valbella, where he attracted almost the entire Yankees team to come and dine.

Then he moved to Gabriele’s in Greenwich, taking his clientele with him. And now he’s at Tony’s. He eats fast, walks fast and talks so fast that he spins out a whole story on how he became the trivia whiz of Greenwich while you’re still processing the first question he throws out.


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SOURCE: https://www.greenwichtime.com

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