Mangia! The Ultimate Guide to Federal Hill

Apr 20, 2019 793

BY: By Jamie Coelho and Julie Tremaine, with assistance by Samantha Labrecque

Whether you call it Federal Hill or Providence’s “Little Italy,” there’s no doubt that the neighborhood is changing, but there’s still a lot to love that’s exactly the same. Let’s appreciate what we have while we still have it, and also embrace some of the newer multicultural businesses that are making their home along the city’s famous red, white and green-striped stretch.

Andino’s. If the Rat Pack chose a restaurant on the Hill for a hangout, it would be Andino’s. The casual Italian spot, which opened as a social club in 1988, features a lively bar and packed dining room with a hand-painted mural memorializing Federal Hill as we’ll always remember it. Photos of Frank Sinatra, the Sopranos, boxer Rocky Marciano, the Godfather cast and the late owner of the restaurant, Andino Merola, line the walls of the bar while Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby croon for eternity.

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