Luca Mignogna: The ultimate mozzarella artisan

Jun 19, 2015 753

by Stefano Salimbeni

Every day — even before the actual 'day' technically starts — Luca Mignogna drives about five miles on gorgeous country roads in Northeastern Massachusetts, winding around a charming pond nestled in thick woods, to what he considers a magical source. "You see, yesterday 'this' was not even on this earth, it was somewhere in the universe," he says as he connects a pump from the container in his trunk to a larger tank in a barn by which he parks, "and tonight it will be on somebody's table."

Obviously, the native of Campobasso – an actor's face on a somehow thick yet non-chubby body — is not just another cheesemaker. In fact, this has been his dream job since childhood even though, out of modesty and respect for a profession he considers an art, he does not dare to define himself as an artist – at least not yet.

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