A Home for Quanto Basta

Dec 29, 2022 577

Quanto Basta owner Betsy English has leased the original LB Kitchen location where she plans establish a permanent home for her Neapolitan pizzeria. "If you had told me two years ago that the world’s tiniest little food truck would become an actual pizza place, I’d say you were out of your mind. And perhaps I am..a little..but you kind of have to be to do this, right?!

This was always the dream, but it really came down to finding the perfect space, & I couldn’t be happier to have landed in #lowermunjoy with Lee & Bryna of LB Kitchen as my neighbors. They have welcomed me with open arms, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to grow next to them in their new space." 

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SOURCE: https://www.portlandfoodmap.com

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