Great things come in Pomodoro Pizzeria’s small package

Jul 29, 2017 902

BY: Jerry Boggs

The best restaurant finds are the small, unassuming, wonderful places that make you feel like you know the best secret ever. That’s why Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is on the Food Network roughly 17 hours a day. It comes down to expectation vs. experience. It feels good when you go to a renowned restaurant and have a great meal.

But it feels GREAT when you find a neighborhood restaurant with no waits, no crowds and similarly wonderful food. And I can attest we felt great after a recent Dine-Out at Pomodoro Pizzeria in Bristol. Tucked away between the historic homes on Wood Street, amid a mix of commercial and residential – but mostly residential – buildings, Pomodoro is tucked away a couple blocks from Hope Street and the town’s main commercial center.

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