Bellini is Imbued with Female Energy

Mar 04, 2022 247

BY: Karen Deutsch

From the night Bellini opened its doors, its eager crowd settled into their seats like Al Hirschfeld’s “Algonquin Round Table.” On any given evening, the most recognizable figures in Providence congregate in the restaurant: the newly appointed United States Secretary of Commerce, local real estate magnates and their lawyers, equity officers breaking bread and, at the center of it all, Joe Paolino Jr. holding court and offering embraces.

It’s a social networking hub, dressed in mid-century decor that doesn’t hearken back as much as put you smackdab in the middle of Betty Draper’s big night out. Everyone is buying everyone a round of drinks and if you don’t find a worthy recipient in fifteen minutes flat, hang around long enough and everyone will become a close friend.

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