Revisit: Broders’ Cucina Italiana

Feb 21, 2018 785


Joy: What began as a fortuitous trip to Italy more than 30 years ago launched a family empire of eateries near the intersection of 50th and Penn Avenue.

Jason: Broders’ Cucina is where the empire started in 1982: a small grocery store, Italian deli, and bakery. Molly Broder’s Pasta Bar across the street gets most of the critical love, and her sons Charlie and Thomas are carving out the next generation at the kitty-corner Terzo, but the Cucina is a bit of a hidden gem.

Joy: I’d just love to bottle the smell of this place: tomato sauce, cheese, garlic, and fennel. I went on one of those wicked cold days, and the warm fog of food perfume was heaven-sent.

Jason: I spent less than $5 for a New York-style slice of prosciutto and arugula pizza—excellent dough, beautiful mozzarella. The pizza alone is worth a visit.


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