LoDo’s Italian Restaurant Opens Basement Speakeasy

Jun 29, 2019 518

BY: Erin Perkins

The team behind popular Italian restaurant Jovanina’s Broken Italian recently debuted a wine cellar speakeasy named Sotto Voce. It’s Italian for “in a quiet voice,” which is appropriate given that the room once connected to downtown Denver’s subterranean tunnel network.

Across the 19th Century building, owners/husband and wife Jake and Jennifer Linzinmeir made historical nods like this, hoping that Jovanina’s/Sotto Voce strikes a balance between the old city and a new Denver restaurant. When the Linzinmeirs planned Jovanina’s Broken Italian, they knew they wanted to turn the basement into a wine cellar where diners can head before the meal to pick out their bottles and an after-dinner lounge to keep the party going.

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