Iowa River Landing adds another restaurant

Apr 07, 2017 926

BY: Jalyn Souchek

Marquee Pizzeria & Bar is set to open this fall in the Coralville Iowa River Landing area. The restaurant is one of the long list of newcomers to the area. According to its release, the menu will feature pizzas baked in a brick oven that was handcrafted in Modena, Italy. The rest of the menu, down to the decor will represent an Italian vibe.

The items on the menu will be communal, with the intention to be shared. One of the restaurants co-owners, Sam, Hall describes it as “industrial urban -- like Brooklyn meets Little Italy.” The space is expected to seat up to 90 guests.  Fuzzy's Taco Shop was one of the most recent restaurants to open inside the Iowa River Landing. Also coming soon, a Trader Joe's location and Louie's Wine Dive.


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